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A little Creative Loafing PR

June 6, 2016

“Perhaps Taylor Harper was destined to be an attorney. Born and raised in Atlanta, he fondly remembers when his mom went to Georgia State University College of Law when he was 7 years old. ‘Sometimes, when she couldn’t find a sitter, she would take me to class with her,’ he says. ‘And some of those same professors taught me when I returned to attend GSU Law 20 years later.’

Following school and some time abroad, Harper realized that law can be used for good, to facilitate community — and that he wanted to dedicate his life to that. He now works at a law firm (Taylor, Feil, Harper, Lumsden & Hess, P.C.), where he’s been focusing on regulatory compliance and litigation in the beverage-alcohol industry. Put more simply for people who drink beer in Georgia, he’s trying to help fix some archaic laws. And he was successful recently, when he was one of the forces behind getting growler sales for Georgia brewpubs. (So far, Savannah, Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs have given it the green light, with more municipalities on the way.)

‘I’ve always had an appreciation for good booze and a passion for law,’ Harper says. ‘The beverage-alcohol practice presented the opportunity to combine those two affinities. The itch I’ve had to build communities, to facilitate a sense of community, is fulfilled by trying to help the craft beer industry in Georgia.'” — Austin Ray, Creative Loafing

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  1. Really enjoyed reading the article about you and your efforts to help the craft beer industry in Creative loafing. Being a proud mom I wanted to be sure that you know about a device that will help you and other craft beer drinkers. Have you seen the GrowlTap? My son Rob invented it and it turns a glass Growler into a mini keg. Your craft beers will last a long time… As long as you want. Check out

  2. Leonardo inestroza permalink

    Hi Taylor congratulation on such a great article and thank you for helping us enjoy our craft beer at home.

    In this article you mention that restaurants are allowed to sell Growlers but not brew pubs yet. I din’t know restaurants could sell growler to go Is this correct for the city of atlanta as well? And is there another license you have to apply for besides the on promise consumption?
    Thank you in advance for you’re clarification in this matter

  3. Thank you. The unfairness I was referencing is that there were a few local jurisdictions which were allowing restaurants to sell growlers but simultaneously prohibiting brewpubs from doing such because they thought the State didn’t allow it. Whether a restaurant can sell growlers depends on the alcohol ordinance of the respective local jurisdiction. City of Atlanta does not currently allow growler sales by restaurants or brewpubs, but is considering the issue presently. Whether you have to apply for another license also depends on the manner in which your local jurisdiction chooses to handle growler sales. A local jurisdiction could allow such simply under the on-premise consumption license – there are legal arguments supporting this and other local jurisdictions have gone this route. Alternatively, a local jurisdiction could require that a restaurant or brewpub obtain a beer package license – some jurisdictions have gone this route. It will be interesting to see how Atlanta decides to handle the issue. Thanks for commenting. Cheers.

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