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Sexuality in Craft Beer

March 2, 2016

Here’s a very interesting article in Paste Magazine by Jim Vorel with comments by Nancy Palmer – Executive Director of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild:

“On if there’s an inherent problem with sexuality in advertising:

‘It’s very problematic for me. But I’m not limited to that opinion in craft beer, I’d feel that way about any product that used male-perspective female sexuality to entice customers. I’m not enticed, and it makes me feel significant distance between me and the brand—these are not my people. I also find it to be a short-sighted way to be in business. Why would you alienate 50% of the population that happens to account for about 70% of the grocery store purchases? I feel like a brand using that marketing doesn’t take itself seriously, and so I don’t either. I assume that the beer is of lower quality and that the business people behind it are ill-advised at best, totally clueless at worst.’” – Nancy Palmer, Executive Director of the Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild


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