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Some growler stores shutting their doors

February 11, 2016

“The store’s (TAPS Craft Beer and Growlers) closure is part of a wider trend, as Atlanta growler shops have dwindled since an initial surge of openings in 2010-2011, when they were legalized. Mendel says he now realizes that he targeted too narrow a market. Unlike bigger liquor stores that also offer growler fills, the dedicated growler shop couldn’t keep up with its limited selection of packaged goods. “It’s just not enough diversity,” Mendel says. “This business would be great if you could sell pints and had 500 cases of beer and wine, plus meats and cheese. But DeKalb County doesn’t allow that.” -Jim Vorel, Atlanta Magazine

I wish TAPS would have reached out to my firm to assist with changing the DeKalb alcohol ordinance or having it reinterpreted in a  favorable light.  Wishing those guys the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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