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Guidelines for drink equivalents

January 23, 2016

The most significant update, at least for beer industry stakeholders, is the inclusion of language that clarifies the definition of a “standard drink,” and recognizes, for the first time, that all alcoholic drinks are not created equal.

As stated, appendix 9 reads:

“Packaged (e.g., canned beer, bottled wine) and mixed beverages (e.g., margarita, rum and soda, mimosa, sangria) vary in alcohol content. For this reason it is important to determine how many alcoholic drink-equivalents are in the beverage and limit intake.”

The guidelines also now feature a table, which clearly describes the “drink equivalents,” for beers and wines of varying sizes and ABV, as well as distilled spirits and mixed drinks.

Additionally, the new guidelines also include language stating that “drink-equivalents are not intended to serve as a standard drink definition for regulatory purposes.”

— Brewbound

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